AFF 2022

Welcome to the eleventh Abloom Film Festival – from 20 November to 26 November 2022. Keep in mind that Week 47 is also Awareness Week – a major information campaign to make people more informed about the plight of children and young people living with disabilities.

This year’s theme is “Trauma, who cares? With relatives in focus, a sibling perspective.”

During their lives, relatives experience trauma (the complicated grief). They are very ashamed of what they have experienced and need support and understanding. How can relatives build down these feelings? When children are near relatives, they are particularly vulnerable. Parents are also asking for advice on how to include siblings as next of kin and how to help them manage their experiences. Siblings who have family members with disabilities need help with complicity, community, information and good communication. How can we talk openly about the situation and find a good balance in the relationship between responsibility and freedom? How can society shield near relatives from traumatic situations? Where can relatives who have experienced trauma seek advice and support? Do the near relative get help early enough?

Since 2012, Abloom has been working on attitude change campaigns aimed at breaking down taboos that exist in society. Abloom has cultivated role models with disabilities. Today, they front disability. This suggests that our meeting places are one of the most important methods as an engine and impetus for the movement of the disability. Abloom has been involved in intersectionality since its inception, and the methods we have adopted are about safeguarding diversity. For Abloom, the most important thing is to embrace everyone with a disability, regardless of their background. And you, remember that ALL children and young people with disabilities SHOULD be valued, seen and heard!