International Reception 2022


21. Nov


16:45 - 20:00




Finger food

Film Screening

Private Eyes

Length: 14 min
Year: 2011
Type of film: Short
Director: Nicola Lemay

Opening speech

Faridah S. Nabaggala

Festival Director of Abloom

The accomplished and award-winning social entrepreneur. Nothing can get Faridah Nabaggala to forget those she fights for.

Norway has become a culturally richer country, thanks to Faridah’s contribution increased diversity in Norwegian film and film culture. Starting your own film festival is something very few people can put on their CV.

Opening of Internasjonal Reception

Kanadisk ambassade

The humanitarian event is held in collaboration with a number of embassies and the Norwegian Film Institute. This year we have the pleasure to have the Embassy of Canada in collaboration with us during the Film Festival.


"Diversity in film"

Discussion with:

Faridah Nabaggala – Festival Director of Abloom

Eszter Vuojala – Festival Coordinator of Abloom

Hilde Kjos from Media Fabrikken, Viken fylkeskommune

PANTELIS Panteloglou from Olympia Festival

Henrik Syse is a Norwegian philosopher, author, and lecturer.

Julie Ova – Norwegian Film Institute


Film screening


Year: 2021
Type of film: Features
Running Time: 98 min
Director: Luke White


Thanks for now!

We are pleased, for the fourth time, to welcome to Abloom’s international reception during AFF 2022.

The event is on Saga cinema Tuesday 21. november time: 17.00 – 20.30. This takes place in cooperation with a number of embassies and the Norwegian Film Institute.

Theme: “Trauma, who cares? With relatives in focus, a sibling perspective.”

Abloom invites diplomats, filmmakers, film school students and other relevant and interested persons to the reception. Our discussion panel consists of competent and interesting professionals. More important information will be published continuously on and our social media.

It will be possible to follow the reception digitally, and a link to this will come soon.

Our goal with this event is to create an open and accessible community for everyone – also internationally. We therefore want to bring together different people from different cultures and countries for this reception. The focus is on the film and cultural industry, but we hope to reach more groups in society, as well as stimulate an inclusive film culture. We also hope that this event can inspire filmmakers to address our core theme in their productions, also through collaboration with other players in the industry.

There will be easy catering during the event.

Theme: “Trauma, who cares? With relatives in focus, a sibling perspective.”

Abloom cooperates with a number of embassies and the Norwegian Film Institute on this event.

Questions and answers

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