Abloom adheres to these core principles

No one should experience outsidership because they are born differently.

Taboos should be broken - knowledge should be strengthened. And it must benefit vulnerable individuals.

Everyone, regardless of identity, is welcome to do something good for others through Abloom.

Our most important areas of action

Meeting places

We arrange Abloom Film Festival, Mini Abloom and Abloom Summer and Winter Days - An effective supplier of good meeting places for vulnerable minorities and professionals.

Addressing taboos

Abloom is at the forefront of the fight to break taboos, including through the project "Disability - not a divine punishment".

Debates and awareness

Abloom organizes, participates and encourages debates about disabled people and their needs in the spirit of learning and raising awareness.

Community participation

Abloom encourages increased participation in society among minority language disabled people and their families.

Voluntary opportunities

Abloom recruits, organizes and trains volunteers with minority backgrounds - many of them refugees and vulnerable dual minorities.

Decision-making influence and research

Abloom sits on various councils and committees that can make good interaction. We also collaborate with researchers in Norway and contribute more to research on disabilities.


Mini Abloom Para athletics day 2023: Online Program

We know that not everyone is allowed to participate in the big para-sports day of Mini Abloom at Stovnerbanen on 26 May, but everyone can still download a program for the active activity they can use on this day. Above you will find a button that takes you to the PDF that describes various activities […]

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Mini Abloom Para athletics day 2023: Physical Program

Allow everyone, regardless of their functional ability, to participate in society without facing the physical and mental obstacles that shut them out. For us at Abloom, it is important to enable children and young people with special needs to unfold together with their peers. That is why we arrange this sports day which is special […]

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Abloom aktiviteter i 2023

Abloom gir målgruppen vår opplevelsesrike sommerdager ute i naturen! Vi ønsker flyktninger, familier der en eller flere har en funksjonsnedsettelse, og barnefamilier under fattigdomsgrensa hjertelig velkommen til arrangementene våre. Arrangementene skal gi trygge rammer hvor deltakerne skal føle seg trygge på alle måter. Bakgrunnen for at vi gjør dette er at våre målgrupper har utfordringer […]

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AFF dager på Tøyen

Bli med på en uforglemmelig AFF-dager på Tøyen med kos, film og mye moro! Programmet kommer snart!

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AFF dager på Saga

Abloom inviterer til en spennende fagkonferanse med tema Idrett for alle . Vi ønsker å inspirere bidra til å utjevne forskjeller i samfunnet via film og aktiviteter under festivalen. Programmet kommer snart!

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AFF dager på Odeon kino

Bli med på film, møte med Abloom-maskoten og masse kos og moro på Oden kino! Programmet kommer snart!

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