Mini Abloom

Foto: Abloom

Mini Abloom is a pop-up festival (since 2015) for children and young people, focusing on the inclusion of children with disabilities, and the activation of minority language children in Oslo. In 2019, Mini Abloom became a para-sport day.

The festival lasts one day, and has in recent years been added to Rommen school in Groruddalen. The event is a mini-version of the annual Abloom filmfestival (annually in week 47). Mini Abloom is primarily for children and young people who have a reduced level of functioning, but the festival itself is open to everyone.

We offer an online program in addition to a physical program. We have done this so that all schools and kindergartens in Norway have the opportunity to participate where they are:

Mini Abloom’s goal

1. Ensure that children and young people with disabilities are included to a greater extent in activities in the local communities. We will make these children visible, meet their needs – and help their surroundings to see, hear and appreciate them.

2. Increase the participation of children with minority language backgrounds in society and cultural life – which is central to integration policy.

3. Ensure that universal design as a tool for inclusion and adaptation is known among all children in our target groups. In addition, cooperating actors must be made aware of what UU is, why it is necessary and how it can become a reality.

4. Ensure that children with an immigrant background are represented in activities that are positive and relevant to them. It is particularly important that minority language children with disabilities have access to social arenas that are inclusive.

5. Spread knowledge about inclusive leisure activities in local areas. We want active, curious and engaged children who know how to create a warmer society.

6. Work for real inclusion of everyone in organized sports. We want everyone to be involved in play, fun and sports.